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About Us

About the School

The Evolvers Nest Preschool wide opened its arms wide to embrace the little Evolvers on 1 February 2018 in the presence of Mr Ranjit Dass (Principal, Nath Valley School, Aurangabad) and under the Directorship of Mrs Nirupama Bafna, a dynamic and enthusiast leader.

Since 2018, The Evolvers Nest Preschool is committed to nurturing happy individuals. TEN fosters a healthy environment that takes into account each child’s individual needs in order to grant children a home away from home.

The learning at The Evolvers Nest preschool is an active process and not a pre-packed curriculum because children’s right to play is central to our value system. At TEN, the approach to learning is child-centred and educators are trained to make a genuine difference in a child’s life.

We welcome you and your little angel to take this opportunity and be a part of the most reputed institute of Aurangabad ‘The Evolvers Nest Preschool’.

If you wish to learn more about us, please contact the office via phone call on 7066074777 or via email:info@theevolvingminds.com

Health and Safety

The health and safety of the children under our care are one of our main priorities.

  1. There are two gates for entry to the school which are under a proper security system.
  2. Our main gate and main door will remain close after 8:30 am. All visitors MUST identify themselves and sign in our Guest Book at the main security gate before coming into the premises.
  3. All classrooms and common areas are monitored by a CCTV system.
  4. All the staff are well trained for first aid or emergency.
  5. The maids are well trained to take special care of the kids.
  6. Children are never left unsupervised when on our premises or when using our buses.
  7. Before taking children on Field Trips, a risk assessment of the venue will be conducted by the responsible teachers and the Principal.
  8. We implement good hygiene practices by thoroughly cleaning and/or sanitizing all classrooms, other common areas and used toys on a daily basis.
  9. Toilets are regularly inspected and cleaned.
  10. Changing children’s diapers and clothes is conducted in designated areas in the washrooms to respect their privacy and dignity.
Nirupama Bafna Director The Evolving Minds
Mrs. Nirupama Bafna
Founder & Director

Mrs Nirupama Bafna is a renowned name in the world of education. She has successfully lived to the meaning of her name in every sense, unique and incomparable. She owns credentials of Bachelors in Honours Accountancy with Gold medal and recently did her Bachelors of Education. She has worked towards acquiring education in the creative field also.

Her zeal to acquire and impart education grew with her every achievement. Learning Pitara Gymkhana franchise is owned and successfully functioned by her in an extraordinary form. The centre grew from 20 ‘ pitara learners ‘ to a sizeable 200 plus in a short span of just three years and her centre has been awarded the ” Best Learning Pitara Centre” worldwide.

Her passion for providing quality education was realized when her dream project “The Evolving Minds Preschool” became a reality. This game-changer in education was recognized by Best International School Award by ISA in Dubai and by 93.5 My Red FM as “The Best Upcoming PreSchool “ in the first year of operation.

She is the founder of the “Readathon Event” in Aurangabad city. Nirupama Bafna holds a multi dimensional personality as she is also involved in the social trust ” Taramati Bafna Blind School” as a trustee. She was also the office bearer of well-known clubs of the city like “Wow” and was the founder and president of ” CII Indian Women Network (IWN), Aurangabad Chapter.” Nirupama got featured in one of the top branding magazines in October for her being an extraordinary personality and an inspiration for others. Her venture “The Evolving Minds Preschool” has bagged the award for being Top 50 non franchised schools in Asia sponsored by the Early Childhood Association.

Now she looks forward to expanding her venture of Pre School which imparts quality education full of games and activities impacting the mind, body and soul of the children which helps them to learn, grow and imbibe the essential life skills. In short, she is looking forward to her endeavour of nation-building as she firmly believes that the children are the future builders of the nation because the best preparation for tomorrow is giving it your all today.

Our Mission

Is to liberate the innate potential in each child and to give them a joyful childhood – one full of play, exploration & wonder . We seek to motivate & empower them to develop their individual self with confidence, creativity & generosity.

Our Vision

Is to create a commune where every child is provided high quality education to develop the social, emotional & academic skills needed to thrive in life.

Our Core Values

Excellence, Resilience, Creativity & Compassion.

Special School Tour

Meet our admissions representative to learn more about our pre school programs and decide what is best for you. Physical school tours through appointment only.

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Evolvers Nest curriculum is based on Multiple Intelligences where children are encouraged to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners through an activity-based program.

We provide stimulating learning experiences focused on the strengths and needs of individuals.